Yoga Therapy

“.....emphasising function rather than form…individualizing practice to each student’s unique structure and condition…not to teach students where to go, but to show them how to get there…” Gary Krafstow

Yoga Therapy (viniyoga) is a most comprehensive form of self-administered therapy.
It can be used to regulate people with hyper/ hypo-conditions, or increase the balance of people in balance.
You can use it either as a practice to empower and deepen your self-study, or to improve a condition such as :

Back and neck pain

Diabetes, cardiac problems

Female health problems

Chronic fatigue

Cancer care

arthritis and joint related problems

Pregnancy complaints

Digestive problems

Stress and stress related problems

Anxiety and depression

Migraine headaches

High blood pressure

Weight loss

Sleep issues


Overactive mind

"All you need is the desire".

Baxter is a fully qualified Yoga Therapist (3 year grad dip), trained under Dr N. Chandrasekaran at Yoga Therapy Australia
3 sessions are recommended to build and strengthen $220
1 session (full assessment and programme designed) $120
It is recommended after 4-6 months to schedule another appointment to review the programme as it will need to change with you.

Giving what is appropriate is viniyoga
By an appropriate person,
To an appropriate person,
At an appropriate time,
In an appropriate manner.
It is not casual or routine.
Not by anybody to everybody.
Not anything and everything.
It is unique, highly individualised and very specific.
You can only give what is inside you
This is the first lesson in viniyoga ….Principles of Yoga Therapy Vol 1 at p. 309
Dr N. Chandrasekaran MBBS (Dr NC)

I have read the terms and agree to take full responsibility for myself when practising With Baxter.