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A 12-week course complete with asana classes, video lessons, pranayama and meditations to give you a deeper understanding of Yoga and its practical application to your own life

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Week 1 – Acceptance

Asana, pranayama + meditation 44 mins

In the park with wide, opening movements

Lightboard Lesson

Learn about the qualities of the 3 Gunas - Tamas, Rajas and Satva


Understand how certain emotions can be categorsied by the qualities of the Gunas

Week 2 – Strengthen your Immunity

Asana class 37min

Immune advice

Wim Hof instructions and benefits

The best most empowering Yoga sessions on this planet. Thank you Baxter for filling our souls with peace & harmony🕊💕
Amber Fenton
By only attending just one of Baxter’s classes you will come away with an deeper understanding of your breath, your mind and yoga.`` - Di Mattingly

How to choose an online Yoga class

Since the boom of online Yoga, The Australasian Association of Yoga Therapists have stepped in to offer  some safe guidelines when deciding which online class to choose.

Here are some simple tips in how to make a wise choice to prevent Himsa  (harm).
The breath is key!


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class notes 1st April 2020

The Three Gunas, and Five Stages of grief

The focus for this class was Acceptance.

Understanding what Acceptance is - and learning how to truly accept what is, will help support us all during these times of uncertainty, and be with life as it happens, for what it now is.


The three gunas catagorise the nature of 'energy' into three states: Tamas, Rajas and Satva. We can apply these three states to our minds, our emotions, and our behaviours.


Here's a little video lesson taken from our Midlife Mastermind programme


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