Midlife Mastermind Course

If you’ve arrived at Midlife and are asking

"Now what?"

How can I best support my health right now?


Have I passed my Zenith?


 Is there still time to create a great life?

The good news is....

We can help turn your Midlife into an extraordinary life

There is no better time than right now, to invest into yourself.


Midlife is a pivotal time in our life where we are faced with a plethora of challenges - many of them new - and how we deal with these will set the path for our life ahead.


Whether you're a practicing Yogi, or never been to a class before in your life - whether you've completed (or half- finished) a dozen Personal Development programmes, or never stared at you big toe at all before, it doesn't matter. It's about doing the work now.


Sometimes you can see the path clearly for others but find it hard to navigate yourself. This just means you need support from people who know how to help you through those things that get you stuck, and help you pop your own corks so that you can be in the flow once again (remember how that felt?).


Our 12 week Midlife Mastermind course is designed to transform a problem into an opportunity, for you to take control of your own health, creating stability and peace for yourself and your inner circle.

A customised programme includes:

Your own movement practice - designed for you by Baxter

Video tutorials and practical exercises

Your own Mindset coach

Access to a private facebook group for students of the programme only

Your own accountability coach

Weekly group calls by experts in Mindset, Nutrition and Naturopathy

A resource library of the most relevant information on the market.

This is not a magic pill,

because we don't believe in them.


We have a faculty of experts in Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, the Sedona Method and Chinese Medicine to help support you to find your own balance, to empower you to make clear decisions now, and for the rest of your life, no matter what happens in the world.


You do the work, and we are there to offer world-class support every step of the way like no other on the market.

We assess you to determine where to start, which direction to head, and at what speed.

If you really want the next chapter to look different from the last, and have a strong desire to make a change, then we can work with you.



Schedule a call with me now, and I can spend up to an hour to determine whether we're a good fit.

Enrollments are now open, you can begin the course at your leisure.


I have read the terms and agree to take full responsibility for myself when practising With Baxter.