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Sharon Flynn Fermentation Workshop

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Sandor Katz -
Fermentation workshop

Some great take-away tips from Sandor Katz at Transition Farm 2020

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Rewild Your Gut with Sharon Flynn


Location: Transition Farm, Fingal (address will be given upon ticket purchase)
Cost: $185 (+ processing fee) includes GST
Includes: demonstration class, lunch and a goody bag to take away.

Sharon Flynn is considered a foremost authority on fermentation and has made it her mission to bring a variety of fermented food and drinks into homes everywhere. Sharon immersed herself in various fermentation techniques during 20 years abroad living in Malaysia, Japan, the US and Europe as an expat, experiencing the benefits of these foods on the microbiome first hand when her youngest daughter became ill. This led her back to Australia, and to the birth of The Fermentary in 2013. Sharon has since fought hard to ferment traditionally, standing for complex flavour and texture over fast processes and health food fads which has earned The Fermentary many awards for various products including ‘Outstanding Artisan’. In 2015 Sharon attended a fermentation residency with Sandor Katz in his home in Tennessee, later returning to Kyoto to attend a Koji residency. Sharon published Ferment for Good, in 2017, now in its third edition. She shares her knowledge and passion for this ancient art through her various products and sold out workshops and events, regularly hosting other experts to Australia to share theirs.


Timings + Registration.

Please reach by 9.30am on Sunday 19 April to register at the gate.

The farm tour, hosted by Robin Koster-Carlyon of Transition Farm will begin at 10am sharp, and the farm gate will close at 10.05am and you will need to call Baxter to gain entry.



Please carpool when you can, or park either along Truemans Rd or in the St Andrews brewery (if you plan to have a fermented brew there after).


The Venue:

Transition Farm is a beautiful bio-dynamically run (and Demeter certified) farm growing vegetables for its CSA membership (local community) and restaurants in the city (Embla, Cutler & Co., Cumulus Inc, and Supernormal).

Their farming methods are centered around building the life of the soil – which they do through a combination of Green Manures, Conscious tillage, Australian Demeter Biodynamic Preparations, Compost made on farm and Chickens.
Everything is hand harvested and hand-weeded!
Students to Bring:
Pen and paper.
Your own cup / bottle/ drinking vessel
Your own plate
(to save landfill on the day - thank you!)

I have read the terms and agree to take full responsibility for myself when practising With Baxter.