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If you're ready to take your health into your own hands, then we can help you.


Health coaching is fast becoming the new approach to reversing chronic disease on both an individual basis and a larger scale by relieving the conventional system and many doctors of a task they’re unskilled in – diet and lifestyle training.
You don’t automatically improve your health or reverse chronic disease just by being told to go on more walks and avoid fired foods.
Improving your health also requires planning, goals, and other techniques and tools that support change and action.


50% of Americans and Australians now have a chronic disease, and our conventional medical system cannot handle it.



Our team comprises of three therapists who specialise in:

  • Naturopathy
  • Homeopathy
  • Kinesiology
  • Iridology
  • Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and shiatsu)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Mindfulness and Movement (Yoga Therapy).


We believe in the 'whole person' approach whereby the 'student' (you) benefits most from multiple perspectives when specialists join forces, to receive the very best of advice and care.

We treat the person with the condition, not the condition itself.

``I feel energised as well as privileged to be doing this (programme) and that I have found you all to support and provide the tools and advice to get my health back on track`` - Dennis

Our tailored 90 day programme - what to expect:


  • After your initial assessment with Baxter, we'll get you started with a small change to your diet and a customised Yoga programme designed for you, unique to you. It may include any of the Yoga tools including sound, breath, visualisation, motivation, and is not limited only to movements or Yoga postures.
    Baxter will continue as your guide throughout the programme, with multiple one-on-one sessions either face to face, or virtually depending on the logistics of where you live.
  • You will have three sessions with Bronwyn who will put you on a very specific dietary course. How quickly we modify your existing diet will be determined by your level of motivation. Bronwyn will test blood/eyes/urine in the beginning, and at the end of your programme, so we can see the effect your course has had.
  • Expect one to two sessions with Jo who will offer any type of body work - based on her assessment of you - which can include:
    -Shiatsu therapy

*We can also modify this programme, should you have any aversion to particular modalities or testing.


Also included is:

  • Current and personal relevant information to you around the foods and lifestyle choices for optimal wellbeing.
  • Three accountability calls with Baxter
  • An optional pantry-edit
  • Plant-based cooking class in Rye or in Hawthorn
  • Online access to a hand-picked resource library
  • Access to Baxter's wellness network - food and events.
  • 25% discount to Yoga in the Park classes


What's not included:

  • Any homeopathics or drops which Bronwyn may offer.
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If you are ready....

....and want to see some big changes happen for the better, we can help.

Book a 30 min call with Baxter and we'll determine together whether this programme will work for you.

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If you aren't ready, not willing to do the work, not open minded, this course is not for you.

I have read the terms and agree to take full responsibility for myself when practising With Baxter.