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You may have practiced Yoga With Baxter, travelled With Baxter, eaten, breathed, studied with Baxter, or even worked or flown or swum With Baxter.
That’s Baxter loves doing all of those things. She is a fully qualified Yoga Therapist (E-RYT 1000, C-PGDYT 600), avid traveller, linguist, pilot and chef.
On the Mornington Peninsula, she is best known for founding “Yoga In The Park” in Sorrento, Australia 11 years ago, before taking it across Australia and to the US.

Her sole focus over the last 16 years has been Yoga, and she has never fallen ill, seen a doctor, or found it difficult to spring from bed in the morning – something she believes Yoga plays an enormous role in.

Yoga is a simple, practical philosophy to connect us to and maintain our natural state of balance and harmony.

In addition to leading group and private Yoga classes, Baxter also develops online courses, workplace programmes, Breathing apps, hosts educational workshops, creates bespoke Yoga tours, and collaborates with other therapists to develop Health Coaching programmes for the individual.

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